Ebay Paypal Bug Bounty :Magento XSssed

Hello friends This post is the poc for the critical reflected xss which i have founded at Magento Search  bar . It was critical because the xss was in the search and the worst part was that it was also affecting The enterprise Magento software  (which was premium).

Hunting Process:

I tried first the usual one like “><img src=x onerror=prompt(document.domain);>  and then i constructed some   but all the other characters were filtering and none of them worked out but  interesting part was that while hitting the search i was getting the search result of all the other guys (hunter’s ) with some xss or scripts tags :v . Then i thought it has been already  patched or secure ! But still somewhere  i was having a hope to bypass their applied code then i thought to give a chance with obfuscation then i builded up this one with oldy goldy  hackbar  .


and boom 😀 it just popped out !

i reported  to them  under their  bug bounty program and unfortunately it was a duplicate one 😦  it has been done by another hunter and he enjoyed the treat of 1000$ ;-?
but still i bypassed ; )
lesson: don’t think so much just give it a shot  may be you will do better then other’s 😀
so this was all  guys  ; )

i hope you liked it  😀


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